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One Wicked Storm in Brampton

It’s certainly turning out to be an interesting year of severe weather. The intense rain storms last Friday (July 19th) packed serious winds and generated tornado warnings across southern Ontario. I was commuting back to Brampton when the storm hit … Continue reading

APRS – Automatic Packet Report System – Tracking without Ma Bell

Most geolocation technologies that industry and consumers use consist of GPS reporting via cell phone data. That means a GPS receiver takes a position and hands it over to a mobile phone modem. The mobile modem in turn will encode … Continue reading

MT63 for you and me!

I’m someone who is involved with the ARES group of the Peel Amateur Radio Club. I am an Assistant Emergency Co-ordinator that handles documentation for the group – which consists mostly of maintaining a MediaWiki instance. This site holds articles … Continue reading

The Beagle Bone Black

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a device that is a cross between an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi (RPi)? Stop wondering because it is already here. A new micro computer board has arrived called the Beagle … Continue reading

GNU Radio + Realtek Satellite DVB Dongles – an amazing scanner on the cheap

Hello Gang. Yes, I’ve been absent on the scene for a number of months, and I must apologize. Let me help make that up to you with a really amazing project that I started experimenting with. Some of you hams … Continue reading

New Linux Radio Net – PARC TUXNET

My apologies to all for a long hiatus from writing articles on my blog. It has been a very busy few months – becoming an uncle, flying to the Philippines, and my participation with the Peel Amateur Radio Club (PARC), … Continue reading

Ham Nation from TWiT TV

A good number of people who are into technology, know of TWiT TV. Headed by Leo Laporte (of “The Screen Savers” fame), it has grown into a robust podcast network covering all sorts of subjects in science and technology. Leo … Continue reading

Getting Started in Amateur Radio

Last year, I decided to become involved in the hobby of Amateur radio, and to start volunteering my time to the local amateur radio club.  It was a decision that has resulted in a tremendous learning experience, a way of … Continue reading

Why Amateur Radio – Part II

In part one of the series “Why Amateur Radio?”, I discussed the public service aspect of the amateur radio service. In this article I will explore the technical aspect of amateur radio, and it’s appeal to those with a technical … Continue reading

Why Use The Linux Operating System?

By now, everyone has used, or benefited from the use of the Linux operating system.  It is found in everyday appliances in the home, to supercomputers that advance the study of protein folding in cancer research.  It’s kernel drives both … Continue reading