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APRS – Automatic Packet Report System – Tracking without Ma Bell

Most geolocation technologies that industry and consumers use consist of GPS reporting via cell phone data. That means a GPS receiver takes a position and hands it over to a mobile phone modem. The mobile modem in turn will encode … Continue reading

MT63 for you and me!

I’m someone who is involved with the ARES group of the Peel Amateur Radio Club. I am an Assistant Emergency Co-ordinator that handles documentation for the group – which consists mostly of maintaining a MediaWiki instance. This site holds articles … Continue reading

GNU Radio + Realtek Satellite DVB Dongles – an amazing scanner on the cheap

Hello Gang. Yes, I’ve been absent on the scene for a number of months, and I must apologize. Let me help make that up to you with a really amazing project that I started experimenting with. Some of you hams … Continue reading

New Linux Radio Net – PARC TUXNET

My apologies to all for a long hiatus from writing articles on my blog. It has been a very busy few months – becoming an uncle, flying to the Philippines, and my participation with the Peel Amateur Radio Club (PARC), … Continue reading

Ham Nation from TWiT TV

A good number of people who are into technology, know of TWiT TV. Headed by Leo Laporte (of “The Screen Savers” fame), it has grown into a robust podcast network covering all sorts of subjects in science and technology. Leo … Continue reading

Getting Started in Amateur Radio

Last year, I decided to become involved in the hobby of Amateur radio, and to start volunteering my time to the local amateur radio club.  It was a decision that has resulted in a tremendous learning experience, a way of … Continue reading

Why Amateur Radio – Part II

In part one of the series “Why Amateur Radio?”, I discussed the public service aspect of the amateur radio service. In this article I will explore the technical aspect of amateur radio, and it’s appeal to those with a technical … Continue reading

Why Amateur Radio – Part I

Today I want to discuss the hobby of Amateur Radio.  I recently got into the hobby, and received my Basic license (and earned the callsign VA3POR). When telling some of my friends about this interest, some looked puzzled. Why would … Continue reading