One Wicked Storm in Brampton

It’s certainly turning out to be an interesting year of severe weather.

The intense rain storms last Friday (July 19th) packed serious winds and generated tornado warnings across southern Ontario.

I was commuting back to Brampton when the storm hit while I was at the Port Credit GO station. The winds and rain where sharp, intense, and brief. While the rains were certainly intense, the storm did not stand out for me as being any thing special. I was in for a surprise. When I got home, our local neighbourhood of Fletcher’s Creek took a bit of a wallop. What follows is a plot of the damage that the winds had done in my area. Click on the red dot to see a photo of the damage around the neighbourhood.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. This storm, however, just goes to show you that even in our peaceful corner of the globe, severe events can pop out of nowhere. Folks, familiar yourself with the Environment Canada website, and get yourself a weather radio with SAME warnings. I’ll do a write-up of weather radios in the very near future.

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