Ham Nation from TWiT TV

A good number of people who are into technology, know of TWiT TV. Headed by Leo Laporte (of “The Screen Savers” fame), it has grown into a robust podcast network covering all sorts of subjects in science and technology. Leo personally does the “Call for Help” podcast and “Security Now” with Steve Gibson (one of my favourites). I’ve always enjoyed listening to these podcasts supplement my knowledge and keep abreast on the goings on in the tech world.

Indeed, with Leo’s fantastic on air personality, I wondered “wouldn’t it be great if Leo did something about amateur radio”. Well, sure enough, as if Leo read my mind, the podcast “Ham Nation” was launched. Hosted by audio expert (Heil Sound) and longtime ham operator Bob Heil (K9EID), this new podcast is geared towards all things amateur radio. In the short life of the podcast so far, Leo Laporte has acquired his operating license, build an impressive ham station at TWiT headquarters, brought in folks like Joe Walsh from the Eagles (an active ham, good friend of Bob Heil, and composer of the Ham Nation theme), the presdient of TAPR, an interview with Martin Jue, president of MFJ, and senior reps from the ARRL and Icom corporation. Co-hosting with Bob Heil is Gordon West (WB6NOA) who goes by the nickname “Gordo” and George Thomas (W5JDX) who heads up the “Smoke and Solder” segment of the show.

This is a great resource for people getting started in ham radio and I encourage anyone to check out their podcasts at the following site: www.twit.tv/hn.

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